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June 28, 2009

Did Law School Kill the Realm?

It is hard to know what has suffered more in the (school) year just past, my personal life or this blog. Needless to say, however, both have suffered dramatically. And while my personal life was never much to write home about—and therefore its faltering nothing to lament—the same cannot be said of the (formerly) illustrious Realm. Once a glimmering bastion of douchebaggery and misanthropy, all that remains today is a fetid cesspool of occasional despair and compulsory self-loathing. It is, in short, a shadow of its former self.

What villainous scoundrel vanquished this most worthless of Internet havens that so poignantly failed to display the utter pointlessness of human existence? Certainly law school would be a worthy contender for this dishonor. Between soul-crushing journal work and lunatic decisions to take four to five substantive courses per quarter, the past year rarely left me with time to pontificate on the meaninglessness of existence. There just was not enough time to appreciate my own material worthlessness. But, I submit to you dear readers, a most dreadful proposition—one that is far worse than the aforementioned. It is with a heavy heart that I must admit that, at least in part, I have failed to write this past year not only for a mere lack of time but also for a loss of inspiration.

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