Rohit's Realm - July 2006

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July 20, 2006

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

Popularity. The quality of being well-liked or admired. A nearly universal human impulse, if you ask me. I mean, even hipsters, scenesters, Goths, and all kinds of other counterculture assholes rely on popularity to define their internal social structures. The only difference between them and the yuppie assholes is their delusional belief that they are in fact different from the rest of society. But that's a different discussion altogether.

July 12, 2006

iPhoto No More, Part 1

It is a veritable truth that since my dive into the (mostly) wonderful world of Apple products in Sept. 2003, I have rapidly degenerated into a state of Apple-fanaticism bordering on contemptible fanboy status, seemingly supporting each and ever Apple product to hit the market. As such, it may seem downright heretical for me to write an article describing how I purged iPhoto from my life, but then again, irreverance has always been a strong suit.

July 27, 2006

iPhoto No More, Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how iPhoto's painful inefficiency forced me to abandon it altogether as a photo processing tool. Today, I will discuss how I have replaced what was once a vital tool in my workflow.