Rohit's Realm - July 2005

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July 28, 2005

Europe 2005 - Day One

Somewhere over the Great Lakes. I haven't written seriously by in hand in what seems like several years, so forgive me the choppiness of style while I cope with the burden of a pen and paper.

July 29, 2005

Europe 2005 - Day Two - Windsor Castle

Novotel Hotel, London Heathrow. Our European escapade started off on a very positive note today, as the flight to London's Heathrow Airport was smooth and immigration/customs presented no hassle whatsoever. I was incredibly jetlagged when we arrived at the Novotel Hotel near Heathrow at around 2 PM GMT, but a quick shower prepared me for what was to come next.

July 09, 2005

Red Rover, Red Rover

I think that it's particularly ironic that my first real rant in months should come at a time when I'm not feeling the least bit eloquent or articulate, but honestly, the topic of this rant has plagued me for far too long and I can stay silent no longer. So articulate or not, here we go.

July 18, 2005

The End of the Beginning

January 4, 1988. Reagan was President, Gorbachev was General Secretary of the Communist Party, the stock market was recovering from Black Monday, and Michael Jackson's Bad was less than four months old. That very same day, in a small, nondescript town in southern Orange County known for its clean streets, wide roads, and cookie-cutter houses, a small boy just turned four, and relatively shy, emerged from comforts of his home to confront the world of academia—a world that would occupy his life for the next eighteen years to follow.