Rohit's Realm - February 2005

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February 14, 2005

On St. Valentine's Day

Given my long and well-documented history of bitterness, cynicism, and heartlessness, I suppose it is almost a necessity that I post on St. Valentine's Day to denounce all money that is spent and bullshit that is endured on this fateful day each year in the name of love and romance. I must admit, however, that the reason I have remained so uncharacteristically complacent about the patron saint of lovers and his holiday in the three years that I have written in this blog is that, frankly, I do not have anything against February 14th. What?

February 27, 2005

Life on the Run

I suppose the relative infrequency of posts this month should suggest to you how extraordinarily busy I've been. I mean, even in worst of times, I've always managed to pump out at least 3–4 posts a month. Nevertheless, to whine about all the bullshit in my life would be unbecoming of Rohit's Realm, not to mention degrading myself to level of all those pathetic low lives with nothing better to post. Instead, I'll talk about a recent epiphany I experienced as a result of all the craziness of the past month.