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May 08, 2003

Welcome to the College of Ludicrousness and Stupidity

Welcome to the College of Ludicrousness & Stupidity, otherwise known as the College of L&S. You're about to begin your journey into incompetence, ineptitude, and foolishness. Each day you are a member of this college, you will feel yourself get dumber. This is normal. Think about what you will have achieved by the time you graduate!

May 04, 2003

The Beginning of the End

Well not exactly, because it's only the beginning of the end of my sophomore year of college. Still, it feels like more than just that. School in the last week has definitely shown signs of ending. I'm not saying I'm upset about that. I did tear up a little bit at the end of my last ochem lab last week, but that was because acetic anhydride is a potent lacrymator, and even onions from two rooms away make me tear up. I guess I'm just sensitive like that. I finished up the write up for that lab today. It felt good to know I would never have to bullshit another chem lab report again. Last week of instruction coming up this week (except for those two bullshit days the following week that prevent us from having a real "dead week"). I'm really waiting for this semester to end. I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY tired of school at this point.

May 06, 2003

It's Just Too Early

Sometimes I just feel like it's way to early in the morning to be dealing with all the crap that happens. Today's ochem lecture was a prime example. To begin with, there are some huge losers who show up about 2 hours early for lecture, take up all the good seats, and so when I show up at 8am (which is early by Berkeley time), I still end up sitting in the way back. But today was much worse -- the lecture just kept on dragging and dragging and dragging, till the point where I felt physically anxious. I guess this must be what it feels like to be claustrophobic and trapped in an elevator or something. Not to mention the person sitting next to me just didn't know anything about lecture hall etiquette. Everyone knows that the left arm rest is off limits and equally so, you're right elbow shouldn't go past the arm of your desk. I usually sit on the aisles so I can get the hell out of there, but the person to my left KEPT JABBING her elbow into my side. What the HELL? Also, some person was passing gas throughout the duration of the lecture!!!!! It smelled SO BAD! And then there were the goddamn dumbasses who sit down IN THE AISLES when there are entire rows of seats open in the back. Do you really think you will be able to see better if you are on the GROUND as opposed to a few rows back? Of course not! Stop being dumb, sitting in the aisles next to me, and hitting my legs all the time. That's super annoying.

May 14, 2003

A Humble Suggestion

I guess I could post a generic entry about how finals suck, but what fun would that be? Everyone already knows that. Instead, I'm going to post about how I think that the finals process could be improved here at Cal.

May 18, 2003

The Jamba Empire

I hate Jamba Juice. I mean it. I'm serious. I hate Jamba Juice! But I love it. I can't stop. I'm going insane! Damn you Jamba! It's all your fault.

May 19, 2003

Holla at a Playa

Ah yes. Here we go. Haven't had a bum story in a while. It was about time. Don't worry though. This one is actually pretty damn funny.

May 27, 2003

Triumphant Return

Yesterday marked my triumphant return to the proverbial "dorm" life. It was definitely a weird sensation moving back to the Units, especially since Unit Three is really different from Unit One. Moving in was a horrendous experience, not only because I had to move EVERYTHING I own out of my apartment and into the dorms, but also because of general circumstances and problems that arose.

May 22, 2003

Investing in Death

SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! And it did not begin to rain immediately after my last final! I'm so happy, it is unbelievable. Anyway, today, as I was walking to the South Side in the morning, I saw lots of folks wearing graduation gowns and all that other good stuff. At Telegraph, I saw so many flower vendors and the lines forming for parents and family types to buy flowers for their graduating students, it was ridiculous.

I wanted to go up to them, and say, do you realize that by buying all these flowers at such a goddamn expensive price, you are just investing in death?! That's right. I think buying flowers is one of the biggest wastes of money possible. Seriously, why the hell would you spend $40 on dead plants? Why? It makes absolutely no sense. FORTY DOLLARS is a lot of money, dammit! Think about it: forty dollars is a nice meal at a decent restaurant for one or two people, depending on how fat you are. Forty dollars is a week's worth of McDonalds, if you chose to eat it twice a day. Hell, with forty dollars, I could buy a month's worth of mac and cheese. (The fact that I would want to kill myself in a week is entirely besides the point.)